Happy Zombie Cesar Chavez Day!

Credit: Rio Yañez

Credit: Rio Yañez

So, I guess there are some people who are creating a big stink about the fact that Google has decided to feature Cesar Chavez’ birthday on their homepage rather than Easter.

Personally, I find it rather refreshing. Actually, it’s funny. We never hear people complaining about the fact that Google hasn’t properly acknowledged Ramadan or Passover, do we?

After all, it isn’t like we have a shortage of Muslims or Jews in the United States. Being a secular person myself, I sometimes forget that there are people who would choose to make such mountains out of molehills.

To be honest, I had almost completely forgotten that Easter was this weekend. Which made for a rather pleasant surprise when I found out I had a paid holiday coming up in the form of Good Friday. I may not be religious, but I’ll take a paid holiday anytime!

Of course that also meant I had to deal with the inconvenience of the grocery stores and retail shops being closed today, so I guess it ends up being a wash.

Trust me, I have nothing against Easter. I’m all for celebrating Spring and rebirth, whether it’s in a religious capacity or just a natural one! Many people believe this was a pagan holiday LONG before the Christians ever made it official, anyway.

So, whether you’re celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, fertility and rebirth, the newly begun Spring season, zombie Jesus, Cesar Chavez’s birthday, or just really, really like eating hard-boiled eggs…here’s hoping you have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh yeah, also wanted to properly credit the artwork on this post. It can be found on El Rio’s flickr page.


7 comments on “Happy Zombie Cesar Chavez Day!

  1. Austin says:

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  2. Happy Sunday! My fiance went to the store yesterday and was confused by how busy it was. Oh, yeah! Easter… I haven’t celebrated since I was a child, and even then it was in a secular fashion. I am loving spring though. This weekend turned out beautiful. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick all weekend. 😦 So I am sitting out on my balcony in my PJs trying to enjoy the weather without exertion. Not like I wouldn’t be doing that normally. 😉

    • Janyaa says:

      I haven’t celebrated since a kid either. Poopie that you’re sick! Glad you can still sit out and enjoy the nice weather, though. Feel better soon!

  3. Matthew John says:

    I always find it interesting how little Christians know about the origins of their holidays. Easter is the proper pronunciation of Istar, who’s was the ‘god of fertility’ and her symbols were the rabbit and egg (hence eggs and rabbits, which have nothing to do with the alleged resurrection of the alleged son of Yahweh), just as the birth of Jesus actually occurred in June (or sometime in the summer…), however there was a celtic holiday in December, in which they brought in boughs of trees in order to save the spirit of growth for the spring or something to that effect, hence Christmas trees (which again, have nothing to do with Jesus). As for Google’s decision to feature Chavez rather than Easter, I think it was probably a bad business decision, however I agree it is rather refreshing 🙂

    • emmawolf says:

      I just want to voice my agreement with everything he said. If I tried to write my own response, it would be less coherent and less intelligent and it might also ramble a bit about Saturnalia.

    • Janyaa says:

      Such a good point, Matt! I thought about going there with this post…and then figured zombie Cesar Chavez may not approve. 😉

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