The Big Picture

This week’s Daily Post challenge got me to thinking about how our perspective helps shape our view of the world. How many times have I run across people who focus on all the little details and forget to look at the big picture? (And why do so many of them wind up in middle management?) Granted, I suffer from the opposite- just as difficult- problem, which is to see a bigger picture, and forget all the little details that comprise it.

Ireland_236Photos are a wonderful way of illustrating this point. Take this photo for example. What could she be looking at with such intent? Grasping the ropes so tightly, with her blue jacket flapping in the breeze around her hips. Is she at the zoo staring at some exotic animal, caged for her amusement? Is she on a balcony looking down at a crowd? Observing the people from afar- slightly above and slightly removed. Or, maybe she’s on an overpass somewhere, watching life and traffic flow past her.

Actually, she was a travel companion of mine in Ireland. We were crossing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge. I remember the fear and trepidation reflected in her face as she stepped out onto the creaky planks. She got about halfway across when suddenly her knees stiffened and refused to carry her any further. She stood there, eyes wide, breath suspended…and faced the true realization of her mortality.

With much coaxing and prodding, we managed to convince her to finish her journey. As her foot touched solid ground, her face broke out in a wide smile and her cheeks flushed with an overwhelming sense of joy and relief; she was ALIVE!

I think, sometimes, that’s how life can be. Going through the everyday motions: get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed, go to work, drink your coffee, answer the phones, curse the traffic, eat your dinner, watch the TV, brush your teeth, go to bed… rinse and repeat.

Little details. Mundane steps. All the while failing to realize the bigger picture. To stop and take it in. Hold on with both hands until your knuckles turn white and you have no other choice but to notice; you’re ALIVE!

Be joyful! Be thankful!



9 comments on “The Big Picture

  1. ngnrdgrl says:

    Wonderful post!!! I imagine that you will be feeling like you are crossing that bridge at the end of the year. It may be nerve-racking, but it will make you feel alive once more! Love the imagery of your friend with her white knuckles and the look on her face while crossing and then finally stepping foot on solid ground once more. I really enjoyed reading this! Keep it coming!

    • Janyaa says:

      Thanks! It’s funny, when I read the weekly challenge, I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use…but had no idea I would take it in that direction. Ever since I’ve made this decision, it’s as if everything seems to relate back to it. That’s got to be a sign I’m making the right choice. Right?

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  3. seeker says:

    My knees are starting to turn Jello just looking at the drop!

    • Janyaa says:

      It was pretty breathtaking! What I failed to mention is the way the ropes creaked as the bridge slightly swayed in the breeze and the sound the waves made as they roared and echoed up through the gap. You truly feel vulnerable and free at the same time as you’re standing in the middle and looking down. It was both exhilarating and terrifying!

  4. huge says:

    Those sorts of bridges always remind me of Indie and The Temple of Doom… At least someone didn’t try and pull your friend’s heart out when she got the other side.

    Great post and great message to take away with me.

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  6. Silversound7 says:

    I hear you, absolutely agree!

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