Turn Right

The gym is *that* way…

Every day after work I pull up to a stoplight that leads out of the parking lot onto the main road, and I have a choice. Left lane takes me home. Right lane takes me to the gym or to my sister’s where we can go running.

Every day after work, I go through an inner struggle. Do I be good or bad? Do I give in to the fact that I’m feeling a little tired and just want to go home and jump on the computer or curl up with a book?

Or do I go to the gym to lift weights and work on my gut?

Every day after work, I debate with myself. It would be so much easier just to go home. I’ll go tomorrow. I’m tired. I don’t feel like it. I really wanna do “x,” “y” or “z.”

For awhile there, I was doing great! I made a point to go to the gym three or four days a week. I kept it up for a few months. The problem was, even though I was working out so much, I really haven’t lost a lot of weight.

I mean, I didn’t gain any more, so there’s something. And, I could definitely tell that I was toning up. But, the stubborn numbers on the scale would NOT go down.

Well, the numbers may not have dropped, but I felt my motivation start to deflate. The funny thing for me and working out is, once you stop going, it’s so much easier to just keep not going.

So, for the first few months of this year, I had slipped back into the habit of turning left. I stopped even thinking about it as a choice. It just became the default direction.

However, the other funny thing about working out is, if you’ve been doing it for a few months consistently, it seems to worm its way into you. The next thing I knew, I was craving going. The thought would sort of niggle in my mind throughout the day that I should have packed my gym bag.

But, I’ve been in the habit of ignoring my good conscious for so long regarding this issue, that it was pretty easy to drown it out.

So, I went a little longer turning left.

On Monday, I got my gym bag ready and finally overcame that little voice that tells me it would be so much easier to just go home and turned RIGHT out of the parking lot.

And, yesterday, even though I was a little sore from building a fence this weekend and going running the day before, I turned RIGHT again.

So, that’s my daily challenge. Every day, I have to face the decision at the stop light- turn left? Or, turn right?

I wonder which way it’s going to be today… think I’ll go pack my gym bag.


2 comments on “Turn Right

  1. jmstokes says:

    Keep turning right sis, you’ll get there.

  2. anniesbc says:

    So true. Once you stop going its so easy to keep not going. I need to start turnin right!

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