Poem of an Unfortunate Raccoon

No, words can not exaggerate
the ways that this excruciates.

Perhaps you can commiserate
how much this does humiliate!

Oh, won’t someone please fabricate
a way that maybe lubricates

my head from this damn, blasted grate,
of which I did miscalculate?


7 comments on “Poem of an Unfortunate Raccoon

  1. Did you come up with this? I love it!

    • Janyaa says:

      Thanks, I certainly did! A friend of mine posted this funny photo on his Facebook, and I was inspired to write a little ditty for him.

      I was trying to channel my inner Shel Silverstein. 😀

  2. Precisely! May I share this with students when schools starts again?

  3. I am a librarian at a PreK – 12th grade school with student enrollment of about 600. I work weekly with PreK-7th; not so much with the upper grades.

  4. […] However, I haven’t tried my hand at writing poems very often as an adult (unless you count my Poem of an Unfortunate Raccoon…) So, this post was a challenge in more ways than […]

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