The Newest Branch Of Our Family Tree

Look at that hair!

Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy! It was a long, hard ordeal for Mama C (I think the tally was 36 hours of labor in the hospital) which ended in a C-section. Thankfully, everybody ended up being ok and we now have a brand new baby in the family!

I’m so excited for them! I have two siblings, and although my brother is the youngest of the three of us, he’s the first to give my mom and dad a much anticipated grandchild. This little guy is going to be completely awash in love and attention, I’m sure.

And, he’s absolutely adorable! In fact, he looks a lot like my brother did when he was born…including a full head of dark hair. Even though we’re only half Thai, my brother is definitely the one that takes after my Dad’s side, more than my sister and I. My sister-in-law is full blooded Indian. It’s turned out to be a very good mix of genes for Baby K.

I only wished I lived closer to them so I could visit. Unfortunately, they live clear across the country. Looks like I’m going to be planning a trip out to see them sometime in September after I give them a chance to settle down and into a routine first.

I’m hoping after three months they’ll be ready to go out on a date night and leave Auntie Janyaa to start the habit of spoiling (er, I mean taking care of) the baby!

Awww, isn’t he precious? Only a few hours old and already winking for the camera! 😀


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