The Avengers (Movie Review)

Last night Terry and I went to see The Avengers in IMAX 3D and it was fricken AWESOME! Holy shit, it was so good. Anybody who has been a fan of Marvel comics, or the individual movies, is going to be satisfied. Joss Whedon, the director, did a great job of making sure each character had their screen time and was given due respect. He also did a good job of making sure they all had a chance to interact with the each other.

The story line was clean and engaging; the dialogue snappy and humorous. The action scenes were incredible- fast, crazy, impressive and super-sized! They did a really good job of blending the special effects.

One of the things I was most impressed with was how Whedon seemed to really understand how to use 3D to full advantage. I’m one of those people who isn’t totally won over by the 3D craze. Sure, there are some instances where I can see it would be preferable, such as with the large budget action films. However, this whole fad of going back to old movies and revamping them to be 3D (hello, Titanic) seems kitschy and unnecessary. Really, it’s just a ploy to get more money out of my pocket, and I’m not buying it.

That being said, THIS is the kind of movie tailor made for the 3D IMAX experience! Joss Whedon used camera angles in new and refreshing ways. I’m thinking of one particular scene where he switches to a view inside a taxi, looking out over the dash. Then, the entire taxi gets rolled over and the audience feels like it’s being flipped inside the car. As it makes impact, the whole windshield shatters right in front of the peoples’ eyes. Such a seemingly simple perspective, and yet it really worked well with the 3D to fully immerse the audience into the action sequence. I’d like to see more director’s grasp the full range that these tools can be used when shooting a film.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the film were all the jokes and humorous bits thrown in just for kicks. Once again, Whedon gets the comic book, geeky, counter-culture. The movie business finally got an insider to tell insider jokes. What was really awesome was sitting in a packed movie theater surrounded by like minded people all getting and laughing at them! I know they say that the movie industry has been struggling lately. Now that people have so many more options for viewing content, ticket sales have diminished. It was nice to be reminded how going to the movies can be “An Event.”

This is the line waiting for the 8:15, IMAX, 3D Avengers movie. (Notice our place in line? I’ll be happy to report we lucked out and got two middle/ middle seats! Woohoo!) Once we were seated in the auditorium, everybody comfortably ensconced with their snacks, beverages and goofy glasses…it was like we were all gearing up together. People were cheering and shouting during the good parts, exclaiming and reacting to some of the gotcha moments, and the entire viewing became a community experience. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie create that kind of feel good buzz in the theater.

So, go see this movie and spring for the extra bells and whistles! It’s clean enough to bring the kids, no worries there. Also, be sure to stay for both fun little scenes at the end of the credits.


2 comments on “The Avengers (Movie Review)

  1. Jason Fowler says:

    I got to see it today and it was Awesome, I plan to see it agin before it leaves the big screen. And thanks for the tip to hang to the very end.

    Also, like the new skin much nicer on the eyes.

    • Janyaa says:

      Yay! Glad you liked it, Jason! Happy to help with the tip. I’m planning on seeing it again before it leaves the big screen, too.

      Nice to hear you like the new skin. I was messing around with the site a bit this weekend. Re-aligned the title to the page and got my blogroll up and running.

      I also managed to get my RSS feed going, but for the life of me can’t figure out how to get the icon to show as the title of the page, so it’s all one button. Very frustrating.

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