Downhill Babes Maryhill Freeride 2012

These two skaters are Anna O’Neill and Chiara Poscente and they were riding on Rayne Longboards. The video was shot by Lee Gilmar.

This is just incredible! My hands were sweaty the whole time I was watching this. I kept thinking, “One wrong move, one bad shift of weight or random rock in the road…” I can’t believe they did this without any protective gear on besides helmets!

My main question is how the heck do they stop? The video conveniently fades to black before we are shown the answer. I truly hope these two ladies didn’t get a serious case of road rash.

It looks like they’re in Maryhill, Washington, which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Maryhill happens to have a full-size Stonehenge replica, which is actually pretty cool. I went ahead and uploaded the few photos I took while I was there to my Flickr feed. They’re not the best pictures because they were taken from my phone, but feel free to click through if you’d like to see them!


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