Thoughts about OWS

I know that I have quite a few friends who are anti-OWS. I understand some of the arguments put forth. That there isn’t a coherent message. That sleeping in tents isn’t doing anything constructive. That those people would do more good for their cause in other ways. That they should “get a job” and quit complaining. Or that their demonstrations are hurting the very people they are trying to help.

However, there are some legitimate concerns that are being raised. The fact that there is a greater and greater gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in this country. The fact that a lot of the issues our society is facing today have to do with unfair regulations. The fact that our government is paid off by large corporations via lobbyists in order to create legislation that, while not fair to the general public, lets them take advantage of the society they’re doing business in.

The reason there isn’t a sound bite “message” is because the issues at hand are more complicated than a one word sentence. And, you may not like that Occupiers are being a nuisance, but they’ve made it so we are finally having a conversation about all the crap that’s going on in our society. Before that, it was just a big elephant in the room where nobody discussed it, the corporations got away with anything and everything and the greater population had to lie down and take it.

A majority of the people “Occupying” DO have jobs, ARE willing to work for their success, are intelligent and educated and just looking for a fair chance, where the rules apply to everybody equally.

I’m not against wealth. I’m not against being rich. I’m not against being successful. What I am against is a system in America that is not fair and equal for all. A system that makes it virtually impossible to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” I want a democracy that works for all of us and allows us to be represented equally. I don’t want my government to be bought and paid for by large corporations, or just the people with the most money. We’ve had that system once before, remember? Back when we only allowed white, land owning men to vote. The terms may not be the same, but we risk heading back to that same type of system.

Our democracy is worth fighting for. Our country is worth Occupying.


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